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RECONNECT is one of the few multi speciality clinic in Delhi. It uses holistic approach to cater to the Mental Health Issues in Child Adolescent as well as Adult Geriatric people. Reconnect also deals with children suffering from Neuro developmental disorders, learning problems, cognitive issues, emotional and behavioural problems through multi disciplinary team approach.

The key features of Reconnect Clinic: Treating as well as reaching out for patients including children adolescents, adults and geriatric population for

  • Treatment for drug and alcohol dependence and De-addiction/Tobacco Cessation.
  • Psychiatric illness.
  • Cognitive and Developmental delay
  • Psychological assessments including Cognitive, Developmental, Personality, Projective and Neuropsychological assessments.
  • Multi speciality centre with Mental Health Professionals, Developmental and Behavior Therapists, Psychotherapist, Neuro developmental and Sensory Integration specialists and professionals working in the field of children with special need under one roof for well  integrated services.

Trained, experienced professionals working exclusively in the field of Mental Health and Disability since many years.


  • “My family and I had been in distress for 13 years due to my son’s illness. There is no doctor or specialist we had missed out on consulting before we reached Dr. Ashima for his treatment. I am happy to say that after a 13 year struggle and only 2-3 sessions with Dr. Ashima, my son is on a fast road to recovery and growth. Meeting her was nothing short of a blessing for me and my family

  • My daughter’s behaviour was a huge hassle for my husband and I. We love her very much and being working parents, it was hard for us to manage everything all at once. Visitin Dr.. Ashima has changed everything for our family. Not only have we seen a positive change in our little girl but so have her teachers and peers. She is improving in all aspects of her life and the credit goes to Dr. Ashima

  • I had been suffering for many years before meeting Doctors R.K. and Ashima. Not only have they helped to put me on the road to quick recovery, they have done so in the most accommodating and accepting manner. Unlike other doctors, they value the investment that someone in suffering makes towards his/her own treatment. I thoroughly appreciate their help and guidance in putting me back on the right track

  • My son had a temper like nobody else’s. This mixed with other behavioural problems led to many negative comments from school teachers, other parents, and peers. I heard about Dr. Ashima from a friend and decided to pay her a visit. Though initially I was not completely convinced that this was the way to tackle my son’s problems, I gave it a try. I have to say it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Not only has my son’s behaviour improved drastically, but he has also improved academically and has gained much self-confidence.

  • My wife has been visiting Dr. R.K. Srivastava for treatment since 2007. With all of the doctors we had already visited, we did not expect him to be able to help us any more than any other doctor had. Nonetheless, I can happily say that we are living a very comfortable and stable life thanks to Dr. Srivastava’s help. His caring and straightforward repertoire has helped us in obtaining the best and most unbiased treatment. He is one of the few doctors who genuinely care about patient outcomes.

  • Dr. Ashima first helped us 3 years ago. My husband and I were having many problems in our marriage and we were considering a divorce. We met Dr. Ashima as a last resort to help fix things and though it was difficult, the sessions helped us. We made it a point to visit her regularly and we felt the improvement gradually. We owe it to her for helping us out of this tough time in our lives. Her sessions were very helpful.