Training Programs and Workshops:

Dr. Ashima Srivastava

  1. Orientation of teachers towards Specific Learning Disabilities
  2. Sensitizing parents and teachers in schools towards Mental Health Issues evident in children.
  3. Handling Examination Stress and Effective Study Skills
  4. Handling Peer Pressure and  Risk Taking Behavior in Adolescents
  5. Courses for graduate and post-graduate students on Overview of Mental Disorder
  6. Courses for graduate and post-graduate students on Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  7. Courses for graduate and post-graduate students on Psychological Assessments.
  8. Course for graduate and postgraduate students on Neuropsychological Assessment
  9. For school teachers and counsellors on effective teaching -learning process, assessing and managing academic, emotional and behavioral problems in the classroom, learning, language, attention, and memory difficulties of normal children and children with ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism.
  10. Workshop for Medical practitioners on overview of psychotherapy: Current trends.
  11. Workshop for parents on Parenting skills.
  12. Workshop for parents on Handling Teenage and Adolescent Issues .
  13. Workshop for School Teachers on Identifying Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Specific Learning Disability.
  14. Certificate course on Providing training in Psycho diagnostics including selection of appropriate tests to be administered, interpretation of test results, compilation of test  results in the form of a report.
  15. Certificate course on Teaching history taking, doing mental state examination, case formulation, making diagnosis, planning therapeutic intervention, deciding upon specific areas to be focused, short term goals, long term goals and the outcome of therapeutic intervention.


  1. Psychiatric manifestation of diabetes, cardiac and other medical problems
  2. Educating physicians about Psychiatric problems
  3. Depression and its management

Dr. R.K.Srivastava

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  2. Anorexia Nervosa and its management in The Mint Magazine
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  4. Sleep  Disorders  in Hindustan Times
  5. Sexuality  in Dainik Jagran
  6. Sexual Problems and its management in Indian Express
  7. Depression and its management in Amar Ujala
  8. Stress in The Tribune
  9. Suicide and its Prevention in Hindustan Times
  10. Child Sexual Abuse in Hindustan Times BRUNCH

Dr. Ashima Srivastava

  1. Article on ADHD and its management in magazine  Good Health
  2. Article on Social Skills Training for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hindustan Times BRUNCH
  3. Impact Of Social Media in Hindustan Times, Times Of India
  4. Prodigious Child Sunday Indian Magazine
  5. Parenting in Parenting Magazine